Thursday, March 29, 2007

MySpace code for IRCF banner now available!

Rich of has created a webpage from which you can retrieve MySpace code to add an IRCF banner! If you want to spread the word about IRCF, please add the banner code to your MySpace Profile - it's really easy!

IRCF is a member-based organization; I would like to encourage you to visit the site and consider membership. The IGUANA journal is very professionally put together, containing fantastic photos and well-written articles that cover ranges of conservation, species focus, husbandry, book reviews, etc.

I would love to see the organization grow with a proactive membership who certainly can make a difference in making one less reptile extinct! Everyone's efforts contribute to the greater whole - preserving endangered reptiles and their ecosystems.

Please do leave me a
comment upon the add; I'd like to make certain that your profile is added to my network.

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