Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Cyclura collei article

Jamaican Ground Iguana Listed on World Conservation Atlas

"...The Jamaican ground Iguana found in the Hellshire Hills of St Catherine, has placed the island on an Atlas of the world's extinction hot spots, prepared by the Alliance for Zero Extinction (AZE). A report released from the Alliance said scientists who promote global conservation drew up the Atlas, which shows at least one species is in imminent danger of dying out...."

For the complete article:
Jamaican Ground Iguana Listed on World Conservation Atlas

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Grant received for the Blues

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Subject: Grant received for the Blues
From: "John Binns"
Date: Thu, December 15, 2005 11:40

In December IRCF was granted $36,400 by the Dart Foundation, towards improvements to the Blue Iguana Recovery Program's captive breeding and head-starting facility on Grand Cayman. IRCF's 501c3 status facilitated this grant, which will be transmitted onwards to the Blue Iguana Conservation Fund of Grand Cayman, where it will be utilized to refurbish and subdivide an oversized breeding pen, complete a storage shed and food preparation area, install piped water throughout the facility, and supplement funds already being raised by an IRCF web appeal to erect a security and tour management fence for the facility.

Keep Dolphins Free in the Cayman Islands

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Subject: Keep Dolphins Free in the Cayman Islands
From: "John Binns"
Date: Wed, December 14, 2005 11:40

The Keep Dolphins Free in the Cayman Islands (KDF) campaign group is appealing to the Cayman Islands government not to allow a proposed captive dolphin facility to be developed on the island. KDF urges a ban on the capture of dolphins and whales in Caymanian waters, as well as on the import or transshipment of the marine mammals.

The Cayman Islands Government is in the process of approving captive dolphin entertainment.

The group cites examples of governments that have banned the capture and export of wild dolphins, including the Solomon Islands, and the Bahamas. Countries in which existing facilities have been shut down or banned include Antigua, and Costa Rica. The Netherlands Antilles has adopted a policy of not issuing any new permits for captive dolphin facilities. No dolphin facilities have existed in the UK since 1992

The Marine Connection, a UK–based charity committed to working internationally for the care and protection of dolphins and whales reports that, “During capture dolphins get highly stressed and the capture processes can result in many deaths. There is evidence that moving a dolphin from one facility to another generates the same amount of stress as removing a dolphin from the wild.”

The IRCF encourages everyone to help Keep Dolphins Free in the Cayman Islands and participate in the Caymanian Compass poll: “Do you think the Cayman Islands should have a captive dolphin facility as a tourist attraction?”. Here is the web address: - Go to the bottom of the page

Thank you.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Blue Iguana Recovery Program and IRCF News (2005/12/11)

It has been a busy month for both IRCF and BIRP.

The new Cayman governor visited the BIRP facility; Digger certainly got lots of attention! The news article can be found at , by clicking on the sidebar menu or via the Resources Articles menu.

BIRP founds its way into the Caribbean Travel and Life magazine. It received a short mention in the December 2005 (Vol. 20, Issue 5) magazine on page 27.

Just in time for the holidays, IRCF has opened an official BIRP store at with Paypal as an additional payment method. Some perfect gift ideas - Blue Iguana merchandise from the store, bobbleheads, or a donation to the fencing program in a friend's name!

The 3rd quarter issue, just under 80 pages, of IRCF's IGUANA journal are hitting mailboxes now. You can find articles about the Blues, Florida's box turtles, a commentary about species invasions, just to name a few. You can also find latest conservation news as well as the updates on IRCF's latest activities. Membership is only $25 a year and can be done online at It'd make a great stocking stuffer!!!

Happy Holidays from your friends at IRCF!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

How about an early jump on holiday gift-giving?

The holidays are just around the corner; here are some gift-giving ideas.

An IRCF membership: Especially with the implementation of Paypal, initiating or renewing a membership is simple! For $25, you or your friend will receive 4 professional IGUANA journals; your membership flows back to supporting the journal and to help fund IRCF efforts with projects such as the Blue Iguana Recovery Program. With new online-registered memberships, you'll also receive a print of your choice.

*Bobbleheads!: Visit the Blue Iguana Recovery Program to purchase a bobblehead; a perfect gift. Buy a bobblehead and help the Blue Iguanas.

Donations: You can donate to IRCF and/or BIRP. Support IRCF efforts and/or contribute directly to the Blues.

*Note: I have bobbleheads, leftover from the NARBC Anaheim show. Folks local to me can make arrangements to purchase directly from me and save shipping. You could use the money saved to purchase another bobblehead, make a donation, or purchase/gift an IRCF membership!!! Email me:

Friday, November 11, 2005

Blue Iguana Recovery Program News (2005/11/11)

Hello All!

News items and the latest Blue Iguana Tales have been uploaded to the Blue Iguana website, The Blues have gained international exposure with the November 2005 National Geographic article; from the main page, click on "Resources", then "Articles."

IRCF has recently completed the Fall edition of Blue Iguana Tales, which highlights a thought-provoking photo of BeeGee sitting roadside as a vehicle speeds by. Learn about the efforts of international and Caymanian participants to produce the next species recovery plan, as well as status on recent BIRP activities; from the main page, click on "Resources", then "Newsletters and Documents."

Thank you to all who have donated to the fencing project! The target is 391 feet, with 59 feet currently sponsored. Safeguarding the Facility's inhabitants is critical, especially with last month's attempted kidnapping of Sapphire, a Blue who resides at the Botanical Park. Please take the time to read about the fencing project on the main page.

It's getting close to holiday gift-giving time! Please revisit the BIRP website soon for some wonderful ideas!

The folks here at IRCF thank you for your support! Please feel free to forward this email.

Become part of the solution! Join the IRCF!

IRCF now accepts Paypal

After some feedback that we have received, Paypal has now been implemented as an alternative payment mechanism on the IRCF website.

We are in the process of making the same implementation across the Blue Iguana Recovery Program website.


Welcome! Here you will find information about activities that I'm involved in with the International Reptile Conservation Foundation (

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Blue Iguana Recovery Program News (2005/10/26)

IRCF released this post:

Hello All!

Current news items have been uploaded to the Blue Iguana website ( Read about an unsuccessful attempt to illegally trap a Blue Iguana at the QE II Botanical Park and learn about the recent meeting of international iguana experts to plan for the next phase in the Blue Iguana Recovery Program.

From the main page, click on "Resources", then "Articles"

Also, look for an article about the Blue Iguanas in the November 2005 issue of National Geographic.

Grand Cayman has experienced a bit of a wet month, but thankfully the Captive Breeding Facility and Botanical Park have suffered no adverse effects from Hurricane Wilma. Nevertheless, whenever a hurricane watch is in effect, preparations have to be made to secure the facility. It's a stressful time for all. You can click on the hurricane watch icon on the Blue Iguana webpage, to keep up with pertinent news during such events.

Thank you to those who have donated to the fencing project! BIRP still needs your help! A total of 391 feet of fencing are needed; to date, 42 feet have been sponsored. Given the recent attempted trapping at the Park, security at the facility has taken on an even greater importance, especially with the 84 new babies! Please take the time to read about the fencing project and lend your support!

Become part of the solution! Join the IRCF!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Blue Iguana Recovery Program News (2005/09/21)

Hello all!

There has been another article in the press about the Blue Iguana RecoveryProgram; you can visit the sidebar menu or via the Resources Articlespulldown menu.

There are now 84 bouncing baby blues, bringing the BIRP Captive Facility total to 280! Many thanks to all the donors who contributed to hatchling cages so the baby blues have a place to reside. BIRP is now working on completing the fencing project and has a contribution process in placewhich will honor donors.

Please visit to peruse press news and see the latest happenings at Blue Iguana Captive Facility.Please feel free to forward this message. Thanks again for all your support of the blues!