Sunday, December 11, 2005

Blue Iguana Recovery Program and IRCF News (2005/12/11)

It has been a busy month for both IRCF and BIRP.

The new Cayman governor visited the BIRP facility; Digger certainly got lots of attention! The news article can be found at , by clicking on the sidebar menu or via the Resources Articles menu.

BIRP founds its way into the Caribbean Travel and Life magazine. It received a short mention in the December 2005 (Vol. 20, Issue 5) magazine on page 27.

Just in time for the holidays, IRCF has opened an official BIRP store at with Paypal as an additional payment method. Some perfect gift ideas - Blue Iguana merchandise from the store, bobbleheads, or a donation to the fencing program in a friend's name!

The 3rd quarter issue, just under 80 pages, of IRCF's IGUANA journal are hitting mailboxes now. You can find articles about the Blues, Florida's box turtles, a commentary about species invasions, just to name a few. You can also find latest conservation news as well as the updates on IRCF's latest activities. Membership is only $25 a year and can be done online at It'd make a great stocking stuffer!!!

Happy Holidays from your friends at IRCF!

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