Saturday, September 02, 2006

Project Heloderma auction a success!

Thank you everyone for making the auction a great success. Given that the Venomous Expo did not occur and that traveling expenses have risen with the gas price increases, the auction *still*generated $18,000 for Project Heloderma. Thank you for the great team effort!

Thank you to everyone who donated auction items and thanks to those who volunteered during their vacation time (KT, Jen, Carole, Russ, Nancy, Linda, Linda's son Byron & g/f, Aminah, and Pat - hopefully Ididn't miss anyone!). We also had help from Tim (Denver Zoo) and Brad (Zoo Atlanta) and his crew, and Luis and Rodrigo (from Zootropic in Guatemala), Alex and Dave (Turtle group), Tina and George, Joe B, Nathan and our killer auctioneer - Tattoo Pete. We thoroughly appreciated everyone's help – we couldn't have done it without you!