Saturday, May 19, 2007

Volunteers needed for Blue Iguana Recovery Program from May through December 2007

It's Team Blue 2007! The Blue Iguana Recovery Program is now actively seeking volunteers, especially during the months of June and July; these months are critical to the success of the program, as major tasks are observing nesting iguanas and gathering of selective eggs for incubation. I have to say volunteering to help the most endangered iguanas in the world on a lovely Carribean island is an experience one will not soon forget or have abundant opportunities to do so!

IRCF has released an online registration program that gives you details of the volunteer positions available and easy to fill forms.

Volunteer website:

My second trip to Grand Cayman was during June 2005. I had a great time volunteering. I helped out at the BIRP facility, taking care of the captive blue iguanas, ranging from yearlings to adults. At the time, we were doing observations of wild iguanas spotted in the East End; I spent a few days tracking and observing them. Finally, I spent time observing nesting iguanas in the Botanical Park, as well as digging up a nest in the middle of a morning thunderstorm!


Blue Iguana Recovery Program
International Reptile Conservation Foundation

Please feel free to pass this information on through your network! You can make a difference in saving this incredible species!


I took this photo of Slugger (RIP 2006) in December of 2004. He was one of my favorite iguanas to photograph.