Wednesday, September 20, 2006

IRCF News 2006/09/20

Summer is finishing up with exciting activities and a landmark event!

The September issue of IGUANA, with a special emphasis on the genus Heloderma, is due out this month. The IRCF is proud to be partnering with Zootropic, Fundacion Defensores de la Naturaleza of Guatemala, CONAP, Zoo Atlanta, and The Nature Conservancy in support of Project Heloderma and its efforts to prevent the extinction of the Guatemalan Beaded Lizard.

The IRCF and Zoo Atlanta raised $18,000 at the auction to benefit Project Heloderma held at the National Reptile Breeders Expo in Daytona Beach, Florida. The auction success could not have been realized without the generosity of our many donors and the hard work and enthusiasm of on-hand volunteers.

This month, John Binns (IRCF CEO) is heading to Guatemala, packing critically needed equipment and assisting with radiotracking the elusive Guatemalan Beaded Lizard. Four tracking transmitters, a tracking receiver, antennae and miniature dataloggers are headed for the Motagua Valley, where recently captured Beaded Lizards await release pending the arrival of transmitters. We eagerly await the images that John hopes to "capture". Aside from the Heloderma, John hopes to catch a glimpse of the equally rare and endangered Guatemalan Black Iguana (Ctenosaura Palearis).

The IRCF will be sponsoring this year’s Team Blue 2006 activities for the Blue Iguana Recovery Program thanks to the kindness of an anonymous donor who provided a grant through the Maine Community Foundation. We have been busily coordinating Team Blue volunteers to support the winter season: Trails need to be cut, retreats created and transported to the Salina, Park and Salina nests and hatchlings to be monitored, and finally, another head-started set of 2-year old Blues to be released. More information about Team Blue 2006 can be found at: Also check out for terrific new photos and updates.

The current set of volunteers have been in the presence of a landmark event – the successful, unassisted hatching of baby Blues in the Salina Reserve! All the years of dedication, support and commitment from partners, donors, and volunteers (IRCF, Durrell, ISG, IIF, the National Trust, and the Dept. of Environment) have led to this truly remarkable event. As soon as we have more news on the youngsters, we'll be sure to pass it along!

In closing, we regrettably report the passing of IRCF member Marie Poyner. She was an avid supporter of the IRCF mission to preserve endangered reptiles and their habitat. Her presence, dedication to helping others, and positive personality will truly be missed. We hope that others can follow in her footsteps

We thank you for all your support and generosity,

P.S. I will be attending the NARBC (Anaheim, CA) on September 23rd. I’ll be wearing my Project Heloderma shirt! Feel free to stop me and introduce yourself!!!