Wednesday, November 16, 2005

How about an early jump on holiday gift-giving?

The holidays are just around the corner; here are some gift-giving ideas.

An IRCF membership: Especially with the implementation of Paypal, initiating or renewing a membership is simple! For $25, you or your friend will receive 4 professional IGUANA journals; your membership flows back to supporting the journal and to help fund IRCF efforts with projects such as the Blue Iguana Recovery Program. With new online-registered memberships, you'll also receive a print of your choice.

*Bobbleheads!: Visit the Blue Iguana Recovery Program to purchase a bobblehead; a perfect gift. Buy a bobblehead and help the Blue Iguanas.

Donations: You can donate to IRCF and/or BIRP. Support IRCF efforts and/or contribute directly to the Blues.

*Note: I have bobbleheads, leftover from the NARBC Anaheim show. Folks local to me can make arrangements to purchase directly from me and save shipping. You could use the money saved to purchase another bobblehead, make a donation, or purchase/gift an IRCF membership!!! Email me: