Friday, June 23, 2006

Blue Iguana Recovery Program News (2006/06/23)

Spring has ended with tragic news yet summer brings us new hope!

At the tail end of March 2006, 2.5 year old male BGB ventured out of the Salina Reserve and onto private property, sadly into the jaws of a dog. Earlier this month, two stray dogs wandered into the Park and brought to an early end the lives of Sapphire and Slugger, two of the world's most photographed Blue Iguanas. Yellow-Blue, a nesting female, was also mauled; and Santa, another male, has not been seen for several weeks. In memory of Slugger and Sapphire, memorials will be erected with awareness signs to educate visitors; they will also be remembered through the Blue Iguanas they have parented. Sapphire's memorial has been generously covered by her sponsor. We are still in the process of gathering funds for Slugger's memorial.

Amidst the sadness that the Program has faced, joyous moments make an appearance. Yellow Blue, despite being mauled, has laid her eggs and has shown great progress in her recovery. She definitely exhibits the strength and heart of her species. Meanwhile, in the Salina, one of the females released in 2004 has nested! Hopefully more of her 2004 alumni will soon follow!

A series of volunteers have been in Cayman to radio track the two age classes of released iguanas; this data is vital in understanding and mapping out their territories. In addition, they have and will continue to observe nesting behavior, and presumably also will witness the first hatchlings when they appear. Can you imagine the excitement when wild hatchlings emerge!? And think about the years of struggle and dedication that have preceded this important milestone event!

Please visit to peruse the news articles related to Slugger and Sapphire as well as updates on Program happenings. We thank everyone for all their generosity and support of the Program.