Saturday, January 10, 2009

IGUANA journal going full color for 2009

"Become a member of the International Reptile Conservation Foundation and by doing so, support our conservation awareness and educational efforts. You will receive four quarterly issues of the IRCF journal IGUANA, Conservation, Natural History, and Husbandry of Reptiles ..."

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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

2009 Herpetology Opportunities

From PARC listserv, dated 2009-01-05

Individuals interested in working with gopher tortoises must demonstrate a certain level of experience, or attend classes, to become an Authorized Gopher Tortoise Agent certified by the Florida Game and Freshwater Fish Commission (FWC). The FWC Gopher Tortoise Management Plan requires individuals working with tortoises, including relocating tortoises and/or their commensals (e.g., gopher frog, indigo snake, pine snake, Florida mouse), to become certified or to work directly under an individual that has certification. For details about when certification is required or to obtain an application go to:

The Ashton Biodiversity Research & Preservation Institute, Inc. (ABRPI) and Wildlands Conservation, Inc., have joined together to offer classes designed to train people to become Authorized Gopher Tortoise Agents in all the required areas. Our new course schedule is now posted: Classes in February and March will be taught at ABRPI, about ½ hour east of Gainesville, FL. We are in the process of scheduling other locations throughout the state over the year. Registration information can be found on the previous site or

Ashton Biodiversity Research & Preservation Institute, Inc. 14260 W Newberry Rd. PMB 331Newberry, FL 32669

******************************************************************************** The Only Free Weekly Electronic Newsletter That Reports on The Latest News on Herpetological Conservation and Science
Volume # 8 Issue #57, Sunday, December 21, 2008
Publisher/Editor- Allen Salzberg

Join the John G. Shedd Aquarium Andros Iguana research expedition from March 20-29, 2009.

Join Shedd biologists on their spring visit to the Bahamas to study the charismatic but endangered Andros Iguana (Cyclura cychlura cychlura). Since 1999, participants in these research excursions have been instrumental in our ability to collect crucial life history data on this endangered species. Participants this year will spend days capturing and tagging iguanas alongside Shedd staff and also potentially witness breeding activity and pre-nesting behavior. After a hard day’s work, we will return to the R/V Coral Reef II, Shedd’s comfortable research vessel, to enjoy a ship-cooked meal, filled with camaraderie and story telling. Besides long days in the field, participants will also have opportunities to snorkel and swim, visit with local people, and travel to cays never before explored. This iguana research expedition is for anyone with a sense of adventure and a desire to make a difference for wildlife conservation. We’ve designed a field experience that is exciting, challenging, and entertaining while also safe, accessible, and meaningful. Shedd provides the expertise and equipment, but the volunteers provide the teamwork that makes the project possible.

For more information, please contact Cecelia Ungari at or view a brochure in PDF format at