Monday, March 05, 2007

In memory of Vega$ Iguana

My female green iguana Vega$ passed away this morning. She had been a part of her family nearly 11 years and has touched many folks' lives in person and on the net. We miss her terribly and have posted a blog of her last few days on MySpace account at

For those who dont' have myspace, please feel free to express your condolences on this blogger. If you have any fond memories of her or how she made a difference in your life, please do share them, whether in this blogger or at Myspace. I can also be reached at des[at]

If you wish to do something in her memory, please
donate to IRCF in her name. If it wasn't for her, my life's path would not have led me have so many friends in the reptile world and become involved with reptile conservation.

I appreciate everyone's thoughts and well wishes.



Anonymous said...

Des, I am sad to hear about Vega$' passing. She was such a wonderful creature. Back a few years ago, I remember what a wonderful, cooperative actor she was as well. I didn't have to worry about my actor holding this large iguana, because Vega$ was so cooperative and sweet. She looked great and did everything we asked her to. Except for that moment where she decided to walk off the set. She'd had enough that day. :)

In her memory...

Mollie Frey said...

Des, its Mollie, I'm so very sad for you. I just can't believe your little girl is gone. Please be comforted to know that she is now with Wong and all the other beloved Iguanas who have gone on before her. Li'l Napoleon and Swee'Pea will be welcoming her. Wishing you peace and love. Mollie

Sue said...

Vega$ no doubt has reunited with my dear Adam Ig again. I will never forget the expression on your face at a P-ig-nic in Santa Rosa around 1999 when Vega$ jumped off your lap, into Julie Allison Anderson's huge swimming pool, swam the width and pulled herself out on the other side to mate with waiting Adam. Adam's teeth made one of Vega$'s spikes bleed a bit. You were so concerned about that.