Saturday, January 17, 2009

Iguana Specialist Group Book Auction to Support International Student Travel [some auction items ending soon!]

Please check out the website - there is a nice selection of books. Help support ISG! ~ des


The Iguana Specialists Group is a Species Survival Commission of The World Conservation Union (IUCN). Through partnerships with government agencies, conservation organizations, and research institutions, the IUCN Iguana Specialists Group seeks to help design and implement immediate and effective conservation measures for this magnificent group of lizards. When this group was first established we focused mostly on West Indian Iguanas, of the genus Cyclura. Now, however, we are expanding our focus and working hard to include individuals focusing on all Iguanas throughout the world.

In order to help facilitate this goal, we are holding a book auction to raise money in support of international student travel to meetings and workshops. The website is

Stesha Pasachnik
Iguana Specialists Group


Information about the auction site:

Welcome to the IRCF Auction Site. This site has been created to benefit conservation programs and projects approved and/or supported by the IRCF.

The IRCF is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. All approved donations to auctions as well as all payments made for winning bids of auctions are tax deductible.

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