Saturday, May 26, 2007

Reggie the Alligator

2005.05.18: I have been visiting Lake Machado (Harbor City, CA) to photograph Reggie the Alligator; you can see photos in my MySpace blog.

Update: Sadly, Reggie has been captured and now resides at the Los Angeles Zoo. He certainly brought character to the Lake.


sharon raphael said...


That is a great pic of Reggie. Wish I could catch a glimpse of him too. I will go back again on Tues. Can I use it on my blog? If not, that is fine. Thanks for visiting my site.


sharon raphael said...

I sent this e-mail (below) to Janice Hahn's office. Wanted to let you know. also put on my website.

Sharon Raphael

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Thu, 24 May 2007 11:37 pm
Subject: Reggie (alligator)

Ms. Chesla Courtney for Janice Hahn,

I just saw the news channel that showed where Reggie has been placed inside the LA Zoo.
I was sorry to see the alligator confined to such a sterile indoor (without sunlight) kind of place,
looked like a prison. Even though it is temporary I think it is wrong. I am hoping Councilperson Hahn can put pressure on the Zoo to change this situation. I have a blog where I have mentioned Reggie numerous times and will begin a dialogue on my blog ( will also contact others) about Reggie and his or her future fate. Please let me know if your office and Ms. Hahn can do anything about where Reggie is to be housed to make it more desirable. Some sunlight and grass and a pond might help. I know there are homeless people in LA and others with less than Reggie has at the moment but I still think Reggie did help put Lake Machado on the map and Ms. Hahn in the spotlight. Please help or elucidate me about the real facts if my eyes or the media are deceiving me.

Sharon Raphael, Professsor Emeritus, CSUDH
Long Beach, Ca.
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Angi Ma Wong said...

Dear Desiree,
This is your distant coz Angi Ma Wong, Reggie's biographer. His publisher Pacific Heritage Books is preparing his biography for release before the holidays.

Your photo showing him looking so buff since his comeback is fantastic. We would like to use it on the cover or interior. Please contact us ASAP at 310-541-8818.

We miss him terribly too and will continue to monitor his progress and work to make sure he gets the star treatment he deserves at the LA Zoo.

Warmest regards,