Monday, April 23, 2007

Fire near the QE II Botantic Park (Grand Cayman)

This is so sad, as arson is suspected! Last year, there was a fire which destroyed Salina Reserve land, home to the released Blue Iguanas, criticially endangered reptiles.

"A wildfire has broken out close to the west of the QE II Botanic Park. In a pattern reminiscent of last year's extensive fire which affected part of the Salina Reserve, this new fire was started, possibly maliciously, on the verges of the road approaching the Park. It crept north and entered a pristine Thatch-Mahogany-Agave forest, growing on thick leaf litter and shallow soil. This is an area the Park's Blue Iguanas sometimes roam, especially when the trees are fruiting... "

Please visit for continued reading about the fire and to learn more about the Blue Iguanas.

Please also feel free to forward this information to bring attention to the plight of the Blue Iguanas.

*Picture of a alpha male that I took in 2004 while assisting with the Blue Iguana Recovery Program.

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