Monday, July 31, 2006

News from IRCF (2006/07/31)

We are very pleased to announce the release of the fully revamped IRCF website ( The site is filled with gorgeous images and content about the endangered reptiles and their habitats that the IRCF seeks to protect. You can join or renew your membership online and find information regarding a wide variety of donation programs. Please note that some parts of the site are still under construction, such as our new merchandise store and portions of the Program section; we appreciate your patience while these areas are being completed.

Some additional recent highlights:

IRCF has now partnered with Project Heloderma, to help preserve the Guatemalan Beaded Lizard, a species with fewer than 200 individuals remaining in the wild. The IRCF will be present at the National Reptile Breeders’ Expo this August in Daytona Beach, FL sponsoring the auction benefiting the Guatemalan Beaded Lizard. Your assistance with donations and on-site tasks is greatly appreciated. (

We also have started coordinating volunteers for Team Blue 2006 to assist with the Blue Iguana Recovery Program. During the months from August through December, Team Blue will be involved with activities such as trail development, production of retreats for the Salina, release of head-started iguanas, among other tasks. Team Blue is in immediate need of one to two volunteers in the 8/28-9/12 timeframe. (

The IGUANA journal has arrived in the mail! We appreciate the patience of our members but the wait is well worth it! With a stunning cover featuring a Malaysian Flying Lizard and 90+ pages of articles, photos and information, we strive to invigorate and educate our members.

The IRCF has also published the Spring edition of Blue Iguana Tales ( Learn about recent Program highlights and further details from the June 2006 dog attacks.

Please tell your friends about the IRCF and encourage them to become members! The efforts of even a single person can have a positive, lasting impact on the preservation of endangered species.

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